Art Project Paia

Opening in summer 2013, Art Project Paia is a multidisciplinary gallery offering a fresh and contemporary perspective to the art shown on Maui. Art Project Paia represents up and coming and established international, mainland, and local artists with a distinct hawaiian sensitivity. Works of photography, painting, collage, drawing, sculpture and ceramic will be presented throughout the year's group shows. 

Submission guidelines: Please email us your Bio/Resume, two small .jpg samples of your work, website link and a letter of intent as to why you think your art fits Art Project Paia. Please do not submit lone samples of work or drop any artwork(s) by the Gallery.

Art Project Paia
77 Hana Highway 
Paia, Maui HI 96779


Mail address:
P.O Box 790037
Paia, HI 96779

+1 808.214.6949